Checking out the Marvel Exhibition in Edmonton

Today has been a wild day.

Up early, though I did sleep in somewhat. I decided to forgo the workout today as my right thigh has been bugging me. It’s like I’ve got a perpetual Charlie horse in it. I’m planning to jump back into things tomorrow, though I have a feeling tomorrow’s workout is going to be a light treadmill workout followed by a stretch routine, just to try and get things released.

Instead of working out, I spent some time in the office doing some file cleanup on the computer, then around 915 Lynn and I headed up to Edmonton for the day.

We went up there as part of my birthday present. The Telus World of Science has been hosting an exhibition of Marvel comic related artifacts.

I unfortunately didn’t get many pictures on my camera, though Lynn did get quite a few on hers. To be honest, I mainly just enjoyed the experience.

The exhibit was separated by the different characters as well as giving the history of Marvel that went back to pre-World-War-2.

My favourite part of the exhibit were the movie costumes and props used in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The costumes included Spider-Man, Black Panther, Winter Soldier, and even a few of Iron Man’s armours from the various movies that he took part in.

The experience was pretty cool overall, and I’m glad we were able to go.

After we finished with the Marvel exhibit, we grabbed lunch at the restaurant then checked out the gift shop before heading out.

We stopped by Chapters in South-Edmonton on our way out of town for Starbucks and a look around.

Overall, it was a great day.

Tomorrow is going to be a bit of this and that.

The vet is coming to check out Sirius because of the sore in his mouth, and give willow her shots. Then a trip to Stettler to meet with my new therapist, which has me a tad nervous. I’m really wishing that H wasn’t just there covering a paternity leave. I hope I connect with the new guy the same way I connected with him.

After I’m done in Stettler it’s home to get a new heater switch put into the car. The switch that controls the fan decided to die on me on my way home from Saskatchewan. I’m just glad that the weather has been somewhat nicer for travel.


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