I find my lack of motivation disturbing….

Yesterday was a long, but good day.

I worked the store for the morning, which was a chilly affair. The furnace in the space we rent is still not working properly, and with the -30 to -40 c weather we’ve been happening, the heat the furnace has been kicking out has not been enough. Thank goodness for space heaters.

After my relief came just after lunch, I met Lynn at home and we headed to Red Deer for her MRI. To save time, and avoid paying parking, I dropped Lynn at the Red Deer Hospital, and I went to run some errands.

I stopped at McBain Camera, and purchased a variable Neutral Density filter, and priced out a lens. I’m looking at replacing my 75-300mm basic lens with a 70-200mm stabilized zoom lens. I’m finding that at the extremes of my shooting with the 75-300mm I currently have, it’s just not stable enough.

The Canon lenses I am looking at are pricy though, and the one I want to get is like 3-4 times heavier than the one I currently have, but it could be used in a lot lower light. The one that is more affordable, can still be used in a bit lower light is stabilized and not much bigger or heavier than the one I have. The one I have is not stabilized though.

Considering the cost of the glass, I’m definitely not going to be rushing into any purchases, but I’m hoping I can squirrel some of my business money away and get at least one of the lenses. I think it would be a good investment.

On another note, I knew which filter I was after when I went into to McBain, and was pleasantly surprised when I found that the filter I was after was just about $60 off compared to when I looked at it online. I’ll happily take yes for an answer.

After the camera shop I ran a couple other errands, then picked up Lynn, and we headed to find supper. After supper, we stopped at Chapters then headed home.

I don’t know what the hell was up with Sirius last night, but he would not settle, and kept putting his face into mine while I was trying to sleep. I was not amused.

I kept my alarm set for an early wakeup, but again I just snoozed my way through the alarm. I haven’t worked out in a few days, and I’m definitely feeling it. I’ve just been struggling with the lack of motivation. I’ve been having a hell of a time getting my ass up and moving in the morning.

It’s not like I’m doing ‘nothing’ though. I have been busy with stories and photographs for work, as well as studying for school. I’m just frustrated that the one thing I know helps my moods is the one think I’ve been having a hard time actually doing.

Oh well. I’ll figure this out. I always do.


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