I need to find discipline.

Today was mainly work and training.

I set a lofty goal for myself of getting up at 645am so I could get a workout in…..and that didn’t happen. I sadly didn’t manage to roll out of bed until 915. My plan was to get up and start on my work, but Lynn ended up asking me to cover the store a couple hours because she was not feeling rested.

Seeing as the beauty of my job is the ability to do it from damn near anywhere, I said no problem. So I ended up covering at the store until around 1, came home and then did some work I couldn’t do at the store for a couple hours.

Later in the afternoon I had an orientation for one of the volunteer boards I sit on, and got an issue with my final exam booking figured out.

It hasn’t been an overly busy day, but it’s been productive. Tomorrow is going to be a busier day as well. I cover the store in the morning, then I’m taking Lynn to Red Deer for an MRI tomorrow at 5pm.

With any luck I can get my butt moving earlier tomorrow morning so I can get a workout in.

I am not liking this newly found lack of motivation. It’s frustrating. I need to drop the weight. I need to get my sugars back under control.

I really need to work on my discipline. I think if I can get that under control I will be in a lot better place.


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