A little of this, a little of that…

Aside from going hypoglycaemic during a workout, today hasn’t been a terrible day.

I spent most of the day in the office split between studying and a session with M. I booked my final exam for the later part of February, so I am definitely getting into crunch time.

I did get just over a mile in this afternoon before I started feeling like utter crap. I checked my sugars, and they were low, which set off a feeding frenzy of random crackers and cookies to get them back up.

Once I perked up a bit I did a bit more office stuff, then headed out to an event I was covering this evening, which was definitely interesting. I appreciate getting the invite to things like that.

The deep freeze in our region continues, though it does show signs that it is starting to break. The extended forecast shows we are supposed to be warming up to -5 to -10 by Monday. That will feel like a freaking heat-wave compared to this -30 to -40C crap we’ve been having.

Tomorrow I have a couple stories to write, then training for one of the community boards I sit, so it’s going to be another sedentary day. Hopefully I can manage my sugars better so I can get a full workout in.

On the bright side, a bonspiel starts in town tomorrow night, so I can take some curling pictures tomorrow night.

Stay warm everyone,


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