Tomorrow is a new day…lessons learned

This morning, I hit the ground running, and didn’t stop.

I was up and out early to cover today’s county meeting, then home to get them wrote up. B picked me up after lunch, and took me into an appointment in Stettler for an eye appointment. The appointment went well, though the doctor does want me to come back in three months to do a full screening for glaucoma due to increased ocular pressure in one of my eyes.

After I got home, and the dilation drops wore off so I could see again, I did some more writing, then made supper and spent a bit of time with Lynn before heading off to this evenings festivities. Tonight, I took a couple photos at the fire department training session due to some presentations being made, then over for theatre practise.

The theatre group is really coming together to get their lines down, and I made some significant headway tonight in getting my sound profiles put together for the show.

As far as the photos I took go, I got bit by over confidence, and the photographs I took were definitely not may best. I looked them over on the small screen on the back of the camera, and they looked good, but I didn’t zoom in. If I had I would have seen that they were blurry because of the auto-focus catching the background instead of the people. I managed to clean it up a bit in post production, at least enough that I could submit them to my editor, but neither shot is destined for my highlight reel.

And that brings me to my point. In times past, I would be tearing myself apart at screwing up these shots, and questioning whether I need to attempt to see if people can re-do them, because I know they were definitely not my ‘A’ game. I’m definitely not happy with them, but I was able to sharpen what I needed to, and make them presentable. It was a lesson learned, and a shortcut not to take.

At the end of the day, there’s no harm, no foul. We all have off days, and if someone tells you they don’t, they’re lying. Instead of kicking my own ass over this, I’m learning from it, and going to get some rest, because tomorrow is a new day.


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