Getting productive…

Today was a somewhat productive day.

I opened the store for Lynn since she had an appointment with the vampires first thing this morning, and while I was at the store I managed to get an interview done.

After I headed home, I grabbed a quick lunch, then attempted to get some work done; however, Lynn had some heating issues at the store so I headed down to see what I could figure out, which unfortunately wasn’t much.

I had a proper appointment with Dr. M today, which went well. I am grateful for him, and he’s still totally on board with me going into hospital for a short admission towards the end of March or beginning of April.

I got assignment number 7 back from my course tutor, and am quite happy the 91 per cent I managed to pull off on it. I did reach out to my tutor today, and she agrees I am on track to set up an exam invigilation for the last third of February, which gives me just over a month to review and get my final assignment done. Piece of cake!

I did get some actual work done today as well, finishing one story, and doing some leg work on another. With all that productivity I still managed to get a workout in and get supper made, so all in all, I can’t complain.

This evening is getting capped off with a meeting, followed by another first thing tomorrow, and finally an eye appointment tomorrow afternoon.

Mood-wise I’m finding myself to be fairly up and down, though I am feeling like I am getting into a groove again, which I am happy about. Between work and appointments I’m not having time to get bored, which is always a killer for me.


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