Getting more active and creating local content again…

Yesterday and today have been somewhat more active than most as of late.

I was out the door early yesterday morning for a meeting, then stopped off at the store to help Lynn pull down the last of Christmas -which we still need to do at home-.

The afternoon was spent writing and editing photos, though I did get into the basement to do 45 minutes on the treadmill, which was good for just over two miles.

Last night I started work on the sound program for our little theatre presentation, and then attended practise after supper. The lines are going well with the cast, and despite this play not being quite as high-tech as last years, it’s still turning into quite a job as far as the lights and sound go.

After practise last night, I headed home, and since we were done early enough, I kicked back on the couch and watched some television with Lynn. We ended up watching the series premiere of “F.B.I. :Most Wanted.” I have to say, the premiere episode held my interest more than the first few episodes of “F.B.I.” did. I think we’ll keep watching it for the time being, and see how it goes.

This morning I was out the door for an appointment, and then covering the store for my usual Friday slot as Lynn works at the church. Unfortunately, our region has had a cold snap move in, and it’s really cut down traffic into the store.

On the plus side, it has given me opportunity to do a couple stories for work, so we can get some local content flowing into the paper again after a couple of slow weeks over the holidays.


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