Taking down time…

Today was a low key day.

So low key, in fact, that I unfortunately didn’t get a workout in. I ended up doing some research for a project that led me rather deep down the rabbit hole, and I didn’t realize the time.

That said, despite being a low key kind of day, it was a somewhat productive one. I spent a couple hours polishing and finishing my next assignment for school before submitting it, then watched the Simpsons while I had lunch.

This afternoon I did some grocery shopping, then settled back into the computer. I finished one story, and started doing research on another, of which there was pitifully little to find.

In between I spent some time helping Lynn with some documents she was working on. I made a nice beef stir-fry for supper, then spent some time playing Red Dead 2, before coming back into the office and doing some organizing. My work filing cabinet and desk were beginning to get somewhat messy.

My camera bag got a once over as well, with a little bit of adjustment in how it’s organized. It’s been a battle trying to find the best layout for everything, given limited space.

Mentally, as much as I’m kicking my butt for not getting a workout in, I’m tempering that with the fact that despite not being overly busy with work, I have been fairly busy with school and on the home front, and the fact is, I can’t push myself as hard as I would like. I’ve been finding a good pace of late, but I haven’t been making time for relaxation. Yeah, I know, cleaning the office doesn’t sound like relaxation…..but it’s definitely helped thanks to the change of pace.

Besides, tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow is another relatively light day, though it does have the prospect of becoming entertaining in the AM. I’m definitely aiming to get back into workout mode tomorrow.


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