Riding the wave…

Today was a whirlwind.

Lynn and I were up and out early, running errands in town, then heading to Stettler for further running around. We stopped in at a friend’s shop, where Lynn ended up picking a couple of new tops for herself, and then after the other running around we had to do, we stopped at John’s Menswear, where I found myself a new pair of winter/hiking-style boots to replace my venerable EMS Tac boots that I’ve had for damn near forever.

The boots are of a brand I’ve never bought before, but sliding my feet into them I knew that the first pair I tried were the ones. The awesome thing is, the store was running a decent sale, so as long as I get a few years out of them I’ll be happy. With the sale price, I also ended up picking up a new pair of every day shoes as well, because the last ones I bought are already starting to show their wear.

After we finished in Stettler, I headed down for a 30-minute workout on the treadmill, then made us supper before I headed out to our local theatre group practise. The players are all beginning to really learn their lines, and I got some good photos of them practising, as well as headshots for the playbook.

Needless to say, after the day of running around, I’m wiped. Tomorrow is going to be somewhat slower paced, as I’ll be spending the bulk of my day in the office. I’m aiming to get my next assignment proofed and submitted tomorrow, as well as a couple of work projects I need to work on.

Mentally, I am doing surprisingly okay. I’m tired, but I seem to be coping pretty good, for the most part. I’m listening to my body. I’m getting rest when I need to. I’m keeping myself varied enough that I’m not getting bored. I’m listening to music when my mind starts racing, especially in crowds. I’m active. I’m involved. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I felt this strong.

I do know that what goes up, must come down, but I’m getting better and better at getting the highs to last longer, and not veering so far into the lows. It’s been a battle. It’s been a learning process, but one that I am ultimately prevailing through. The strength and confidence I have now is proof of that fact, and I’ll ride this wave of well-being as long as I can.


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