Photographic Diversions

One of my favourite hobbies is exploring the back country around where I live.

The area around where I live is home to prairie plains, river valleys, and wind-swept badlands. All of these locales are with thirty minutes of my home.

Probably my favourite place to explore is the ghost-town of Bulwark, located about twenty minutes northeast of me, and yesterday I had the opportunity to share that particularly spot with friend and fellow-photographer Terri Huxley of Silent Secrets photography.

Terri met me at my home in the late afternoon, and we loaded up the Explorer with our gear, and arrived at the old town site just before the start of Golden Hour.

I showed her the areas I’ve explored before, and we went to some others that I haven’t explored quite as fully. I filled her in on my limited knowledge of the old town site, and she gave me some pointers on my photography skills as well.

Under her guidance, I worked on the framing of my photos, getting something into the foreground, then shooting past it to the main subject of the photo. I have to admit, looking at these two photos above, they are definitely more moving than just a photo of the building, or the bathtub along.

After we finished at the old townsite, while we still had some light left I took Terri up to the pillars in the northeast section of the County of Paintearth. They are a cool piece of history, an uncompleted section of railway dating back to the early 1900s, and the thing is, unless you drive by them you would not know they were there, as they appear in no advertising for the area. Sadly, none of the beauty of the area is advertised in the tourist books.

While we were at the pillars, and I had the opportunity, I pulled out a 300mm/4.0 prime lens that another photographer friend had loaned me to try. It is a great piece of glass. I like it, I just don’t know how practical of a lens it would be for me to lug around. I like the fact that I’m fairly lean on equipment right now, with everything fitting in my one camera bag. Still, I can not argue the quality of the images that glass produces.

We made it back to town just before nightfall, and Lynn joined us for supper before Terri headed home. All in all it was nice diversion from work and school, and something I hope we can do again if our schedules allow it.

More photos from the day’s adventure can be found under the 2020 tab at


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