Finding optimism

I’m officially at the 3/4 mark of my first English course.

So far I have nothing to complain about as I’ve been able to consistently pull in marks that have been in the high-80’s to low-90’s. That being said, I do have more work to do. I have two assignments left in this course, then I write the final exam.

I know going into the exam the biggest issue I will face is in the mechanics of the grammar, particularly with my punctuation. Reviewing the assignments that I’ve received back to date, comma and semicolon use tend to give me the most trouble.

Being in the course has definitely been a learning curve; one on which I’m continuing to move. In my first few weeks of the course I was questioning the sanity of even going back to school. Now, I may not be acing the course but I am still managing to be successful.

Something that amazes me is the fact that I’ve managed to be successful despite what the last few months has thrown at me.

Since September: I’ve started school, ended up in hospital, taken training for a rural mental health initiative, taken a photography course, and had six weeks that were insanely busy with work. I know I can’t maintain the tempo I was at, but the fact that I was able maintain it even for the short period I did really tells me how far I have come.

After my last hospitalization I hit the ground running, and didn’t slow down until the beginning of December. In times past, a sprint like that would have set me up for another admission. Instead, I recognized when I needed to back off, found ways to adjust my schedule so I can get the down time I was missing.

Something else that has helped me over the last few weeks is getting back into my workout routine again. Since I re-started the routine my blood pressure and blood sugars have both been coming down to more manageable levels, although unfortunately I still am on increased medication for each. I’m hoping another few weeks of training will be able to allow me to start back off the meds, but if not, oh well. I’m feeling better anyways.

Despite all off these positives though, I need to remain wary. I know that my mental health issues cycle, with spring and fall being the worst times of year. I need to remain vigilant, because I know how fast a fall can happen. That being said, I have a plan for dealing with that. I have a supportive doctor at the psych centre, a great family doctor, and an ability to read myself. I know when I’m falling versus when I’m just having a bad day.

All of these things leave me optimistic for the future. Thanks for sharing my adventure.


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