Catching up

I haven’t written for a couple days, as I’ve been busy. I’ve had a nice little flurry of work pop up in the run up to Christmas.

Sunday, between church and community events, I spent most of the day shooting photos. It may have been busy, but it was fun. I always enjoy covering those events.

Monday morning I spent processing photos, before meeting Lynn for lunch, then having a quick meeting with the CAO of the county. We had a good chat, and he ended up loaning me a Canon 300mm prime lens to try out. I have to admit, despite being a heavy bastard, it’s a fine piece of glass. I had some running around to do out in the county today, so set my camera up on the seat next to, so I could just pull over and grab it if I wanted to grab frames. I didn’t grab many, but I got a few good ones with the lens.

After my meeting at the county on Monday, I came home, grabbed a workout, then had a short meeting with Dr. M via Telehealth. It was supposed to be longer, however he ended up having to deal with an issue on the unit, so we chatted long enough to know that I probably wouldn’t go off there rails during the holidays, band is going to follow up with me for a real appointment in the first couple weeks of the new year.

While I was at the hospital, I ended up chatting with the site administrator and have some story ideas to flesh out come the new year as well. After I finished at the hospital, it was home, supper, then head down to the town office for their last town council meeting of 2019. Being the last meeting it was definitely longer than usual, but some good discussions were had at it.

Today, I did the aforementioned trip into the county followed by a run up to Alliance for dog food, then home, a workout, and writing up the stories from last night. I’ve also been staying close to Lynn as well today. I’m not sure if it’s her ongoing liver issue, a medication reaction, or the combination thereof, but she’s been having a pretty rough day, so much so that we ended up closing the store for the day.

I’ve been alternating workouts between cardio one day and weights the next, and I’ve been finding that by making the time for that everything else has just been coming easier. My blood pressure and blood glucose are starting to come down as well, so all the little things I’m doing seem to be having an impact.

I’ve been making time for down time as well. I ended up grabbing a copy of NHL 20 off buy and sell for a good price, and have been enjoying that. The developers went absolutely nuts with the franchise option this time, where in addition to the hockey, you manage all the aspects of the operations, including hiring and firing coaching staff and scouts. It’s good. Definitely a lot to learn though.

Tomorrow is a relatively slow day, doing more writing, schoolwork, and some house cleaning before the arrival of the mother-in-law on Thursday.


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