Making priorities

****In this post I talk about what is working for me in my fitness regime. It should not be construed as advice. If it’s been awhile since you worked out consult your doctor before starting any workout plan. Thanks, Kevin.****

I’m definitely noticing a difference in my moods since I’ve started working out again.

I feel like I have more energy and more focus. Today was my first full weight routine that I’ve done in months and it felt fantastic to be pumping iron again.

On days I do weights, I typically start off doing a cardio workout to get the blood flowing. I start off warming up for five minutes then start slowly building my speed up until I get to a heart rate between 155 and 160 beats per minute. I’ll either slow down or speed up my pace as needed to keep that heart rate, and I’ll keep that pace for 20 minutes, then start easing off the pace, taking in between five and seven minutes as a cool off to get my heart rate down before I transition to the weights.

For weights, I use a variety of free and machine weights, and the full circuit of that takes in the neighbourhood of 25-30 minutes to complete.

I try to always spend five to ten minutes after the workout stretching.

On non-weight days I’ll do 30 to 40 minutes on the treadmill, followed by the 10 minutes of stretching.

Getting back into the routine after these long weeks was definitely a challenge, but I feel so much better for it. It makes me wonder why I even let it go to begin with with. I’m finding that it’s carrying over to other parts of my life as well.

My blood pressure and sugars are both coming down, and I’m finding I’m sleeping better. These are all good things. I’m just hoping I can force myself to keep this up for the long term. I know the benefits. I know how I feel doing managing to do it. However, some days are harder than others. Early meetings, various other commitments that take time away from the exercise, they all can distract me from the end goal.

The problem isn’t that I’m so busy, it’s I’m not prioritizing properly, and let’s face it, this self care needs to find it’s way near the top of the pile priority pile, not the bottom.

Oh well, I’m back at it, and feeling good doing it.


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