Finding a steady, but sustainable, pace…

Today was steady, but not overly busy.

I was up and out the door early for a 9 a.m. interview. The interview went well and I got lots of information for a story I am researching. Now if only the weather would have cooperated a bit so I could get some decent photos.

After the interview I headed home and did a workout, putting in just over a mile and a half in 35 minutes. My pacing is starting to pick up again, which has me happy. With any luck, and a lot of effort, I can get back into weight loss mode. I know that the almost daily work outs have helped my mood considerably as well.

After the workout I had a light lunch, then waded into the next assignment for my English course. Once I have this assignment done I will be at three-quarter complete mark. I’m planning on registering for my next course by the end of January so I can roll over into the next course starting March 1, though if I get through the last couple of assignments pretty quickly I may shoot for a Feb 1 start. We’ll see what happens.

I managed to get a bit of downtime on the PS4 for about half an hour, then was off for the afternoon’s festivities of back to back meetings. On the plus side, the early meeting was in town and only lasted a little better than an hour.

The downside was by the time the first meeting ended, I had just enough time to get myself to Coronation for the second meeting. Also on the plus side, that meeting ran shorter than normal as well, so I managed to get home just before 8 p.m.

Tomorrow is going to be another steady day, with coffee at MF’s office to talk about the Rural Mental Health Project, and then a lunch meeting with the town’s fire chief to go over a fire safety piece leading up to the holidays, then another interview tomorrow afternoon with one of the local hockey teams. I’m enjoying the being busy, but it’s definitely at a much more sustainable pace than I was doing.


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