Day off…

I managed to enjoy a nice quiet day today.

I let myself sleep in, had an appointment with M, and enjoyed some Red Dead Redemption 2. This afternoon B came over and we got the outside Christmas decorations out.

There was an event in Halkirk that I could have attended and covered for the paper, but honestly, I needed today to unwind. Even M commented on the fact that I was forcing myself to take a day to recover, and that it was positive step forward.

Tomorrow I have another light day on my schedule, but I think it’s going to be a bit busier. I need to do some housework, grab some groceries, and start on my next project for school.

The next essay I need to do is a cause/effect style of essay, and I have no idea what I’m going to write on. I have about a million ideas, but I definitely need to whittle that list down to something manageable.

On another note, I got a phone call from Dr. M’s office at the hospital setting up my Telehealth appointment with him. We were going to do January, but he’s set it up early. Under the circumstances, with everything going on with Lynn I’m not going to object. I’m just glad that the referral was finally put in.

I know I am feeling pretty good mentally at the moment, but it feels equally good having that check in. Just knowing I have that safety net makes me feel a bunch better.

Also on the agenda for tomorrow is getting a workout in. I’ve been doing the treadmill fairly consistently for the past week, so it’s time to get the weight components back into things.


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