Missed my own bed…

After the last two days, I am tired. It’s always easy to get tired out when your not sleeping in your own bed.

I was back in Nisku taking the last two in-person days for the Rural Mental Health Project, something I am helping out with in town. The simplistic goal of the project is to build mental health resilience in the community, though there is far more to it than that. MF and I will be meeting up next week for coffee to chat about what we can do with the information obtained through the four days were of training.

On the bright side, the end of my craziness is in sight, with working the store tomorrow, then a few days “off.” I’ll probably still do some studying and schoolwork, but I’ve booked out work wise Monday and Tuesday next week, which gives me four days in a row that will be relatively low-key, which hasn’t happened in awhile.

Another positive note is I’ve made it onto the treadmill four times this week, and the week isn’t over. I haven’t been going for as long as I was in the summer, but my times and pacing are both slowly picking up again, and I’m already feeling tons better for it. Also with the exercise, my sugars are starting to average more into the normal range. They are still elevated from where I would like them, but if I can keep this going I should be back to normal by January….as long as the festive season doesn’t throw me too far off track.

I also got word yesterday that the Telehealth referral to Dr. M in Centennial Centre is still pending, but he apparantly still wants to do it. Just a matter of the paperwork getting done. I will call again in a week if I still haven’t heard anything, because the timeline is getting ridiculous.

Mentally, aside from the last while catching up with me, I am feeling pretty good. I’m calmer, more focused, and more driven than I have been in quite awhile. I’m feeling comfortable, and confident, in my coursework. And, like Dr. O said the other week, she feels I do need to back down a bit, BUT with my mental health being stable, she has the tools to help me work on the rest. I just know that I need to do my part as well. And, well, it’s slowly coming. Getting my fitness regime back on track is definitely a step in the right direction.

Another step in the right direction is going to be sleeping in my own bed πŸ™‚


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