Touring the back country

Today was a quieter day.

I covered a breakfast with Santa event in Halkirk first thing, then met up for lunch with some of our church folks.

After lunch I loaded up the two big dogs, Sirius and Roll, and headed out into the back country to take some photos. It was a relaxing afternoon, and I got some good imagery. I have two favourites from the day.

In the first, Sirius was running around like a crazy dog in the snow, and as he was running back to the vehicle I caught this beautiful shot of him in mid-stride, with his ears standing straight up. The like kind of reminds me of Logan in the first X-men movie.

In the second photo, I captured Sirius and Roll running back to me through tall grass.

The wild part of these photos is that both of them were captured with my Canon XSi, a 12mp DSLR, the older of my two digital cameras. It just goes to show how far my technique and skills have come.

I found a neat little valley while I was exploring in the back country today, so I stopped to let the dogs go and explore. It’s scenery like this that reminds me we truly live in God’s Country. The natural beauty we have in the region is second to none, and I feel fortunate to live here.

This evening has been pretty laid back, watching some television with Lynn for a bit, then processing photos and posting them on my gallery webpage for church members to download.

Tomorrow I have a couple of smaller scale things going on, before heading onto the road again Tuesday. With any luck I’ll be able to fit in some treadmill time and some studying time tomorrow.

Mentally, I’m feeling pretty good, though my blood glucose is continuing to trend in the wrong direction. I need to get a handle on this, before I have to increase my metformin, again. I just need to develop some consistency in my workouts, and I need to start tracking my diet again. I’m going to be in trouble if I don’t.


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