Enjoying down-time

Today was the first real “day-off” I’ve had in a few weeks.

The bad news, a chunk of it was playing catch up around the house.

The good news is, even with the housework I worked at catching up on, I still managed to get in a couple hours of ‘The Outer Worlds’ on the Playstation, and got in around 25 minutes on the treadmill.

This evening B came over, and watched the last half of the Calgary Flames 3-1 win over the Ottawa Senators. Lynn was at a mini-market with some of her home based businesses which she was asked to come to.

Mentally I am feeling good. I’m feeling glad that I’ve had the opportunity to lay low and relax a bit. It’s been nice, good to actually take some time and do some self-care. I look back at the last couple months since discharge, and I wonder how I’ve been able to accomplish everything that I have.

The last couple of months have been great, but they’ve come at a cost. Lynn and I have each been so busy we’ve barely had time to spend with each other. I know she’s been supportive of what I’ve been doing, but I know she’s also been concerned with how much I’ve been taking on.

The good news is, I have another fairly busy week ahead of me, then things start tapering off as we get into the holidays. I don’t want things to die down completely, but backing off for a bit at a more manageable level is not a bad thing.

The bright side is, I did make it through the last few weeks with no ill effect, which is a step in the right direction. It’s a testament to how far I’ve come in my recovery.

The self-care I’ve been doing has been critical to my success. Getting consistent sleep and finding downtime where I can have been the two biggest factors in this stretch. I’m not so happy that my blood pressure and my sugars have started rebelling, however those things are going to manageable with some minor tweaks.

Tomorrow, I’m covering an event, and then taking the rest of the day as another recovery day. I’ll see about maybe getting in some more treadmill time, and some studying before I start work on my next assignment.


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