Course correction

I officially need to back off things a bit.

I’m feeling pretty good mentally, but I am getting tired. Physically, my blood pressure and blood sugar levels are stating to hate me as well. I’ve had som much going on that I haven’t b been working out, and my diet has gone to crap, resulting in a bit of weight gain, and the associated problems.

The doc gave me a hard time yesterday about how much I’ve taken on, and the need to slow down some. She’s not wrong.

I marvel at the fact that I’ve been as busy as I have and been maintaining through it all, however I know where this road leads. I need to back down, refocus on my health, and on school. I love what I’m doing, but I can’t work all day, every day without complications arising.

This weekend is going to be slower than it has been for awhile, with only a couple of small things going on, which will be good. It will give me an opportunity to get back on the treadmill and have some downtime.

Monday, I’ve been invited to cover a seniors safety day from 10 until 3. I may check it out for some of the day, but I don’t know that I will stay all day. Tuesday I have a meeting to cover, before heading back up to Nisku for two days of facilitator training as part of the Rural Mental Health Project. Friday, I’m back in the store, then Saturday I am going to a play in a neighbouring community.

After that things get more sporadic for awhile. something small here or there, but nothing compared to the push I’ve been experiencing since October. As far as my work for the paper goes, November has been an extremely busy month. on an average month I’ll do in the neighbourhood of 10 articles for the paper, plus photos. This month has been a record, doing 21 articles.

Mentally I am feeling good, better than I have in a long time. I also know how quickly that can change, and I need to take my health seriously. I know I can have a life where I am active and busy, but I need to balance it with looking after myself, and on that front I have been failing miserably.

Time to course correct. I don’t have to make drastic changes, but some small tweaks to my routine will go along way towards bringing me back into balance.


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