I know that when I started this blog back in 2017 the main purpose of it was to act as a mental health recovery blog, which it still is and shall remain, however I think I’m going to slightly shift the focus to more of my progress in photography.

I am loving the photography, and I think I am getting close to having my gear set the way I want it.

After a near miss at the photo session I did at the church, with my 75-300mm lens narrowly avoiding a fall to a tile floor because it fell out of my camera bag, I decided that a change in configuration is required.

My camera bag is a Lowepro Freeline 350, and thanks to the semi-rigid framework and adjustable pockets, the bag is infinitely customizable, and provided ample room to carry both main and secondary camera, and a variety of attachments. However, having all the gear in it made it heavy, and as I saw on Tuesday, maybe a little overloaded.

I had the top pocket set up to be the lens storage, and the cameras were accessible through the bags two side pockets. Tonight, after we got home from Red Deer, I pulled the equipment out, and had a look at what I was carrying.

Due to the infrequent use, I decided to pull the secondary camera body out of the bag, and into its own bag. That freed up some space, which allowed me to grab a spare shaving bag I had, to be used as a lens bag, and that slid just beautifully into the place of the second camera. No more risk of a lens rolling away at an inopportune time.

My main camera remained in its spot on the left hand side of the pocket of the bag, and very easy to access if I have the bag slung over my left shoulder. In the side door of the bag I keep a spare SD card, and spare battery. In a pocket just underneath the camera I keep the cleaning kit.

With the adjustments I’ve made to my kit I’ve reduced weight and risk, both of which are a good thing.

For anyone interested in knowing, I shoot with an older Canon T6i crop-sensor digital camera. For lenses, I have the 18-55mm kit lens, an F1.8 50mm prime lens, and the 75-300 zoom lens which just about bit the big one.

Most of my portrait photography is with the 50mm, general news stuff gets shot with the 18-55mm, and sports and nature usually get shot with the 75-300mm.

As I opened the blog, this is my mental health recovery blog, however I feel that with how big an impact photography has had on my mental health I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about some of the technical aspects I am learning. And learning I am doing lots of.

In addition to the mental health piece I will add in tips or tricks as I come across them, in addition to the entertainment reviews I already do.


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