Busy day…

I am glad that tomorrow is having a somewhat slower start to the day.

Up and out the door by 915, to take photos at a new sport group that is operating in town.

After that, it was down to Hanna to give a presentation on mental health and PTSD for a class project for someone I was connected with. I ended up changing my presentation last minute so it fit in more with the PTSD theme, and less focus on my other diagnosis. It was nerve wracking, but I had a good time. Other presenters were a veterans spouse, and a couple of former and active duty RCMP members.

After I finished in Hanna, I came back to town, and set up at the church to take photos for the church’s photo-directory that we are working on.

The day was capped off by attending the Christmas banquet at the local senior’s centre. It’s something that we have been doing the last few years, and is always a good time.

In the little bit of downtime I had today I did manage to get an article written as well. With any luck, I’ll be able to knock off another one or two before we head to Red Deer for Lynn’s appointment.


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