For a switch, today was a much quieter, yet still productive day.

I slept in, played some Playstation, then opened the store for Lynn while she nursed a migraine.

After she made it down to the store I ended up meeting with MF to have lunch and discuss plans for our the upcoming training we will be doing as part of the Rural Mental Health Project. We’ve got some ideas in the works, and will be aiming to bring them forward early in the new year.

After lunch, I made a quick stop at the store, grabbed a couple groceries for supper tonight, and then headed home for some down-time.

It was nice to have a few hours where I wasn’t running flat out. It’s been a busy couple weeks, and I definitely appreciate the lull.

I’ve been working my way through the campaign on Call of Duty:WWII. It’s a good game so far, but with how fast I’m chewing through it I’m glad I didn’t pay top-dollar for it when it first came out. Finding it on a buy-and-sell for $15 however was a steal.

Aside from the gaming, I finished and submitted my next assignment for school, and made a nice pork-chop, mashed potato, and steamed broccoli supper for Lynn and I. I also chased a couple stories for my editor.

Tonight, in a switch, I’m taking it easy while Lynn is attempting to get some work done.

Tomorrow I jump back into the fray, with an early meeting, followed by writing and studying in the afternoon.


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