Running Hard

I’ve been running hard for the last few days.

Between meetings, covering the store, church commitments , and school, I’ve been busy. I’ve been busy, and I’m definitely feeling some fatigue creeping in. The thing is, I’m feeling good-tired, not exhausted, and there is definitely a difference.

When the exhaustion sets in, I don’t want to do anything. I have no energy to workout. No energy to chase stories for work. I can so far beyond fatigued that life itself becomes a challenge. When exhaustion sets in I can sleep 24/7 and it doesn’t seem to help.

Where I am now though is, yeah, I’m tired after a full day. I’m tired, but still have something left in the tank. I’m the tired where I get to sleep and I get a good rest, then get up the next morning, recharged and ready to go. Even when I’m tired I remain driven, wanting to get better at my craft. I’m willing to do the work to get there.

A problem lies in the fact that if I spend too much time in the “good-tired” zone, I will tip toward exhaustion. I know it’s a fine line, and it’s one I know I’ve crossed before. This time feels different though, for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, as hard as I’m pushing myself, I’me finding down time, whether it’s 20-minutes here or 40-minutes there. I’m taking time to unwind, let my mind relax a bit so I’m not operating at 100 per cent 24-hours a day. As busy as I was today, I still found a couple hours to watch some tv with Lynn and just turn off for a bit.

Secondly, in addition to taking advantage of lulls here and there to relax a bit, I’m building downtime into my schedule. I was going strong all day today. Tomorrow, aside from a couple of phone calls and emails, the highlight of my day is going to be some Playstation and coffee with a friend.

Finally, I’m working on not letting my sleep get to messed up. I working on keeping a consistent wake-up and bed time.

These little things are helping keep me together, and the fact that I am accomplishing what I have been are definitely providing a much-needed boost to my self-confidence. I know that emotionally my mind can get the better of me at times, but it honestly feels like it’s further and farther between that things flare, and that is something I’m grateful for.

Thanks everyone for following along.


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