Today was a somewhat productive day.

I started the day by letting myself sleep in a bit, then when I got mobile I started catching up on some office work that I had been neglecting for too long. Then I was out the door, doing another photoshoot with a previous client.

After the photoshoot I headed back home, watched an episode of the Simpsons while I had lunch, then fired up the PS4 for a bit before heading back into my.

I like the Simpsons, and have for years, but I have to admit, they have started to lose their edge. The gags just aren’t funny anymore. It’s still something to watch, but I am hoping they decide to end the show sooner rather than later. It would be good for it to manage to go out with at least a bit of a bang instead of the whimper it’s headed towards.

When I headed back into the office, I set up a business page for my photography on Facebook, before doing a couple hours of studying and starting on my next school assignment.

This evening Lynn and I headed out to Halkirk, where the community was hosting a potluck and a community concert featuring a faith based quartet called Potter’s Clay. They are a group I’ve heard on a few occasions, and always enjoy listening to. They will be coming to our church tomorrow to perform for our service as well.

After the concert in Halkirk finished, we headed home to let the dogs out, then down to the church to let the music group in so they can set up for tomorrow, instead of having to rush around in the morning.

It’s been a good, but busy day. I know I’m going to sleep well tonight.


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