Today was the start of “new normal” for Fridays.

With the girl who was working Fridays moving on to a full-time job, after some deliberation Lynn and I decided that I would do the regular cover for that day, though with my schedule we definitely have some wiggle room.

I think it will be good for in the long run. It gets me out of the house whether I want to be or not, and I do enjoy it down there. There’s also the added bonus of Lynn not having to pay me.

I am going to tread cautiously though. I seem to have more and more being piled on. I’m going to have to pull myself back some, and make sure I take some days off. I have to admit though, despite the relapse I had last month that saw me in hospital for a few days, I am feeling good. I’m liking the niche I have carved for myself in my community, serving the town’s newspaper, being a (silent) business owner, and furthering the passion I have found in my photography.

I’m grateful for getting the opportunity to do some more public speaking as well. The school in Hanna is doing a presentation talking about PTSD in veterans and first-responder, and I was asked today if I would be willing to speak. They were even willing to work around my schedule so I can fit it in.

Something else positive happened as well. Yesterday, my first mental health column appeared in this week’s edition of our local paper. My editor asked me if I would be willing to do an article shading light on this problem that tends to live in the shadows. I know I have shared my journey through my blog, and I am open about the struggles with mental health that I have had, but I have to admit, writing a column for the paper opening myself up the same way I do for my blog kind of scared me. It’s a totally different reader than my blog tends to get, and it’s seen by everyone in the community.

However, because mental health has turned into another passion of mine, I decided to take the risk. The fact is if anyone thinks any less of me for my struggles, that is on them, and if sharing my story helps even one person who is struggling, I think it’s worth it.

I’ve got three columns already written and submitted, and they will be put in print in the coming weeks. I already have plans for a fourth, and we’ll see what carries on as we move into the new year.

Despite the crap and corruption I have faced over the last several years, I have managed to persevere, and while the future my not always seem bright, it doesn’t seem quite as dark either.

All of this coming together is showing me the progress that I have made in my recovery over the last several years. M was right yesterday. I’m at a totally different place than I was in even a couple years ago, and I am glad to be here.

As always, I value my followers, and thanks for tagging along on my journey of mental health recovery.


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