Keeping busy, but finding downtime too.

Today was steady.

I didn’t have a lot on the books schedule-wise, but after last night’s council meeting I did spend a good chunk of my day researching and writing. However, that was broken up by a visit from my editor in Stettler.

He’s been on the job as the editor for the Stettler paper and the Castor paper for several months, and he hasn’t had an opportunity to make it out here yet to check out the other community he covers.

We went for lunch at the goose, then I gave him the tour of town, including a stop at the bookstore. After he had to head back to Stettler I ended up helping a friend out with some tech issues they were having, before heading home to get some more work done.

After supper I spent some time playing “The Outer Worlds” before heading back into the office to do yet more work, blog post, and a couple hours of studying before bed.

I’m loving the game, though it is getting fairly twisted the further I deep into the story. I’m kind of looking forward to see what happens next.

Studying is going good. Despite the frustrations I’m having, I am really enjoying the course, and I think it has helped my writing already.

Tomorrow, B is picking me up, too damn early, for a road trip to Red Deer. I have my ultrasound appointment in Red Deer for 0915 tomorrow morning, followed by a cortisone injection, if required. After those appointments I am taking b for lunch for chauffeuring me, maybe a quick run to Chapters, and then an in person appointment with M tomorrow afternoon before heading home.


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