Respect, a lost art

Today has been a relatively laid back.

Lynn was up off and on last night, not feeling well, so I offered to take the store today, and well, it’s been pretty quiet.

Aside from store duties, I got some photos processed and submitted to my editor, and I got some studying done as well.

I unfortunately had to write a post on Facebook, that I am shaking my head at. I made the heinous mistake of posting a conservative toned meme wondering why Don Cherry got fired, yet our illustrious Prime Minister, who has embarrassed Canada regularly on the world stage, admittedly worn blackface more times than he can count and is generally a dick, still has his job.

I’m not condoning the comments that Cherry made. They were definitely ill advised, and I’m honestly surprised he hasn’t been fired before this. I’m just saying it is a sad day when an entertainment sportscaster is being held to a higher standard than our highest government office.

Anyways, I posted the meme to my Facebook page, and…I am disturbed at some of the people on my “friends” list. The comments that were made, on both sides, are a microcosm of how polarized this country is getting. I even had one “friend” private message me last night that we can’t be friends anymore because I am associated with too many “racists” because of the comments on this particular post. I am truly sorry that the individual feels that way, but it is their right, and I DO NOT NEED THE DRAMA.

The post I wrote today says:

“Just reading through some comments on a post I shared comparing Don Cherry and Justin Trudeau, and the blatant double standard that we as Canadians seem to have. I am discouraged at how polarized we have become. I shared the post, not because I thought Cherry didn’t deserve it, because he is a loud mouth, and I’m surprised he lasted this long. I shared it because our Prime Minister has done far worse, mumbled off half-hearted apologies and continues to maintain his position. 
However, the attacks that took place on either side on that post highlight how messed up things really are. That said, if people cannot maintain civility on any posts I share, I WILL block you. I don’t care whether I agree with the position you have or not. 
One final note, I will not shut down HEALTHY discussion, but as a society we need to learn how to disagree, and the fact that I may not entirely agree with someone on a position DOES NOT mean I hate them or what they represent. I’m shaking my head at the fact I actually have to post this. I have got entirely too much going on in my life to deal with BS like this…”

I stand by my statement. I have got too much going on in my life to deal with bullshit like this. I am just grateful for the number of people who have shown support over this.

Life is too short, and we don’t live it on our terms. Tomorrow is not a given, and if it happens it’s a gift. I will happily and healthily debate my views on any number of topics, politics included, in person, and online. I have ZERO issue if people chose to debate a point on my Facebook wall, respectfully.

I tend to keep politics off of my blog, because it is not the focus of my blog. However, I feel that this topic, the comments that were generated by the Trudeau/Cherry meme, were over the top.

I respectfully submit that not everyone is going to agree with the sharing of memes such as this. I’m not going to apologize for it, because it’s the symptom of a larger problem. Cherry was an obnoxious loud-mouth. Did he have a point? Maybe. Did he go about it the wrong way? Absolutely. I personally feel his termination, while shady-on Remembrance Day? REALLY?-, was justified. I just also happen to strongly believe that our Prime Minister should have beaten Cherry out the door.

I am sad that some people appear to have lost a fundamental respect for each other, and unfortunately, I don’t see the problem improving any time soon.


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