Game Review: The Outer Worlds (No Spoilers)

“The Outer Worlds” has been a fun game so far.

Produced by Obsidian, the creator of fan-favourite “Fallout: New Vegas,” the game can be used as a study to see what would happen if corporations take over control of space exploration.

Set in the distant future, the player is a settler on a colony ship embarked for the distant Halcyon Colony. Due to the distance from earth to the new colony, everyone on the ship is placed into suspended animation. Things go awry, and instead of being on ice for a decade, the player character is not thawed out for 70 years.

After being awoken by a mad scientist who needs your help to save the rest of the colonists, you are shoved unceremoniously into an escape pod, and launched to a nearby planet to begin your quest.

Once arriving on the nearby planet, the influence of the corporations is overwhelming, with the corporate branding everywhere, and the employees, from the boss to the security guards, reciting the company slogan in your interactions with you. It’s funny at first, but does become grating.

You meet several companions who can help you with your quest as the story the story unfolds, each one with their unique talents and skills. Their is definite humour in the game, and your character’s responses to other characters can vary from dry-wit to extremely sarcastic.

Being an Obsidian game, I feel that the game had high expectations from the start, and I do feel that as good as the game is, it did fall short when compared to their “Fallout” entry. However, it is a solid, well-crafted, quirky game, that has been a blast to play so far. If you are a fan of the “Fallout” games this game is a must have. The worlds are beautifully created, the voice acting is solid, and the random humour is good for a laugh.

All in all I give “The Outer Worlds” 4/5.


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