Slowing down

I am looking forward to sleep tonight. It’s going to be in my own bed.

It’s been a busy, but productive week. I’m glad it’s over though, because it was too much time on the road.

The second day of my second course was definitely better than the first. It was more defined, and explored what types of activities we can work on bringing to our community to help with mental wellness. The conversations today fostered some great discussion, and after we get a chance to digest the information for a couple weeks, MF and I will be meeting up to compare notes and brainstorm.

The participants in this rural mental health course came from all over, representing bigger -yet somehow still considered rural- centres, and some remote rural areas, where the community is only accessible by ice road for several months of the year.

During the course, we had the opportunity to chat with the people from the various locations, and I found out that one person has a history similar to mine, with diagnoses of borderline and post-traumatic-stress. In my experience, people are generally pretty forthcoming with a post-traumatic-stress diagnosis, because it is so well understood, however people admitting to borderline is rare due to the stigma surrounding it. It was a breathe of fresh air to meet someone as open about it as I am. We have promised to stay in touch.

Aside from my shoulder ultra-sound next week, I should be home for a few weeks, and even that is just a day trip. I’m looking forward to developing some routine again. Since the beginning of October, between hospital, events, and these two courses, I really haven’t stopped moving very much, let alone fall into much of a routine. I’m hoping that I can correct that, for a few weeks at least, until I have to go back to Nisku to conclude the project training.

Tomorrow morning is looking like some down time, maybe getting some housework done, and getting some time in on the Playstation. The afternoon is going to be school work, some contract work, and maybe some time on the treadmill. THAT is something I need to get doing again.

I know I’ve been busy over the last few weeks. I’m glad I’ve been tolerating so well, but I’m also glad it’s stabilizing again. If I push too hard for too long, bad things tend to happen, and I really would like to avoid that.


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