Busy days

I have not been able to write anywhere near as much I would like recently.

Fortunately, my schedule should be settling back down to normal as of Friday. I am definitely looking forward to it, because so far in November I’ve been home under two days.

I was in Edmonton on the weekend for my photography course, and I’m back in Nisku for a couple days training to become a mental health animator in my community. I’m still not sure entirely what I’m doing, however it’s been interesting so far. We’ve been discussing what can be done at a grass-roots level to build sustainable mental health in our rural communities.

Tomorrow is going to be another day of class, followed by the drive home. Friday is going to be a bit of a recovery and homework day.

Next week is looking to be busy again, however not quite as bad as this last week. I’ll be helping run sound at our community hall for our community Remembrance Day service, a council meeting on Tuesday, and then heading to Red Deer on Thursday to get my shoulder assessed and possibly treated with an injection to help with the ache that seems to be getting worse.

No rest for the weary.


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