On course

The last couple of days have been busy.

Up early for an interview yesterday, followed by a couple hours of work before meeting Lynn for lunch.

After lunch, I headed off to Edmonton for the weekend. I’m in the city taking a photography course. So far we have covered concepts that I am familiar with, but they have been covered in more detail and I am gaining a significantly better understanding of my camera. The cheat sheet the instructor gave the students in the course is almost worth the fees charged for the class itself, and the instruction is top rate.

Today we’ve talked about getting our cameras fully onto automatic, setting the ISO, aperture, and shutter speed, white balance, and framing. Some of the material I already had a good understanding of while others….let’s just say I was having some Eureka moments.

Tomorrow promises to be more of the same before heading home.

I’ve been attempting to get my next assignment polished up and submitted, but I keep struggling with trying to get it done. I reread it, and make change, after change, after change, never managing to settle on a final draft. I know I just need to push through and submit it, and let what will be be. The problem is, I just keep over thinking it. adding in how busy I’ve been over the last few days, it has been a weight on me.

I’m setting a deadline of myself of submitting it by Tuesday, because I can’t afford to get bogged down by this assignment. I need to start on the next unit already.


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