Macro vs Micro

Today wasn’t overly busy, but I was out of the house pretty much all day.

I was up and out the door by 9:45 because I had an 11 a.m. appointment with H, and had a stop to make prior.

My appointment with H was good. He challenged my thinking on some things, such as how I’m dealing with my emotions. What I saw as stuffing my emotions, he doesn’t see. His reasoning makes sense, though. Normally there are physical symptoms that can occur when emotions are not properly dealt with, and he doesn’t see them in me. He posited that I AM dealing with things differently, and things which would set me off in the past just aren’t anymore. It definitely gave me some food for thought.

He also said commented on the fact that I’m recognizing my signs and symptoms sooner, resulting in earlier intervention, which is resulting in shorter hospital admissions. As far as he is concerned, they’re all positive steps forward.

After my appointment with H I went for lunch, and ran into a couple people I know at the Stettler Dairy Queen, and ended up joining one of them for lunch, which was nice.

After lunch was a quick stop at Walmart, Spiral Mobility (with whom I LOVE to deal with! The guys in there are AWESOME!!), and then a quick chat with my my editor at the paper. He’s encouraging me to keep finding the stories the way I have been, as well as writing some columns on mental health. I am appreciative of the supportive and the guidance in my growth as a writer.

After I made it back to Castor, I stopped in and met someone at the Legion to get some photos in preparation for the Remembrance Day paper that is upcoming, and then had coffee with Lynn and B at the store.

Tonight I had the pleasure of interviewing a friend, and former Canadian Armed Forces service member, again for my Remembrance Day article.

Okay, looking back, maybe the day was busier than I thought, and that takes me back to another aspect H and I talked about today. We talked about micro vs macro views. In the micro view, when I am struggling, all I am seeing is what is immediately around me, and how crappy I feel. None of the progress I’ve made is seen. It’s only when I intentionally stop myself and look at the macro view do I remind myself of how far I have truly come. The views are a sword that cuts both ways though. When I’m doing well and in the micro-view I move from event to event without realizing how busy of a day it truly was. It’s only stopping and reflecting that I realize how busy I truly was.

These perspectives are important for me in my mental health recovery. Both the macro view and micro view are important, despite how easy it is to focus on the micro. I need to remind myself to life my head up and look around sometimes, so I can appreciate where I really am.


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