Rest & Recovery

It seems that winter has descended on Castor.

The wind started up on Friday while we were in Red Deer, and has not stopped, bringing with it snow which began last night. Today has been a good day to hibernate, and I need to take these days of rest when I get the opportunity.

Today wasn’t a completely wasted day though. I ended up starting on my next school assignment, got some laundry done, shovelled the driveway, ran the dish washer, and spent some time immersing myself in “The Outer Worlds.” Look for a game review soon.

All the activity today, and over the previous few days, has not helped my shoulder any. Despite the risks and potential complications, I am hoping that when I go in for the ultrasound on Nov 14 they chose to do the injection. I know it helped quite a bit for quite a few months, and with winter setting in and more shovelling in my future I would like to have as little discomfort as possible. Time will tell what happens on that particular front.

Mentally, I am doing okay. I’ve been started to lag a bit, and am finding myself falling into some old habits, and finding it hard to re-establish some old ones.

Particularly frustrating has been my fitness regime. Between, being busy with work and school, and the pain in the shoulder, it’s been hard getting back into a routine, which is unfortunate, because I know how much it helps my moods.

One good habit I have managed to establish is my bedtime routine. I’ve started taking my sleep meds around nine o’clock, then heading to bed at 10, and I’ve been minimizing my screen-time when I head to bed. As a result of this, I’ve been finding my sleep has been significantly more restful, which has been helping with my mental health.

Today isn’t a total day off. Work calls for tonight, as I’m covering a town council meeting tonight. Tomorrow is another quiet day, then things start picking up again, with appointments on Wednesday and Thursday, then off to Edmonton Friday. I know my schedule seems busy upcoming, but I am really striving to find a better level of balance with everything going on. It’s been a matter of trial and error so far, but I think I am succeeding in balancing things better.


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