A task completed

Today had a little bit of everything thrown in.

Knowing that I had a meeting tonight, I turned my alarms off and slept until 0900, then played some Red Dead Redemption 2 for a bit before walking Taffy, followed by some time in the office, working on some graphic design and photo work.

For lunch, an old friend and I met at one of our local restaurants. L is my old operations manager from the ambulance and we still try to do lunch once a month. He tells me some of the gossip from the ambulance, and fill him in on what I’ve been doing. I’m grateful for that connection to the ambulance, though I’m not in that world anymore.

After lunch I stopped to grab some groceries, then settled into the office for a couple hours of work/study. One of the resources I’ve been directed to in my English class is called the Purdue University OWL website. I remember laughing the first time I saw the site name because the first reference I thought of were the OWL exams in Harry Potter. In this case OWL stands for Online Writing Laboratory, and it has been a pretty terrific reference to help me polish up my writing.

Today’s focus was two fold. First, I did some review around commas, followed by a brush up on the mechanics of using quotation marks. It was riveting, almost as exhilarating as watching paint dry…

Yeah, it was some pretty dry stuff, but I’m finding that the more I study this stuff, the more is coming back to me, and I am really wanting to hammer on the basics before I get much deeper into my schooling. I’d rather start the intense parts of this course and successive courses with a foundation build of stone rather than sand.

After I wrapped up studying, I decided I need to move some, so I vacuumed the upper level of the house. Just getting some of the fur balls that had built up off the floor helped give me a mood boost. I’ve been focusing more on small, yet important, tasks that help me cut down the clutter and the mess. My main focus thus far has been getting the dust bunnies dealt with and staying on top of the keeping the kitchen clean.

Tomorrow, I’m going to expand that focus by setting myself a goal of getting some laundry done, and maybe changing the bedding.

I’ve piled on a lot into my schedule, and I’ve lost sight of the basics. I know that. However, just because I’ve back slid a bit doesn’t mean I have to live there. One of the biggest things that helps me when I start sliding is setting quick, easy-to-accomplish goals that are easy to achieve, and can provide an instant visual mood boost.

It goes back to what (Retired) Admiral William McRaven said during his 2014 University of Texas speech. McRaven said “If you want to change the world, start by making your bed.”

Once the laughter died down, he continued on, saying that even by completing this small task, you are setting your day up for success. “Start your day with a task completed,” said McRaven. It seems a simple concept, but it is one that is easily lost sight of when life gets in the way.

I know that between school and work I’ve been losing focus of the big picture, mired in the day to day to grind of life. By reintroducing these simple concepts, I’m hoping I can course correct before things get too far out of hand. And to be honest, I think I’m already feeling that positive effect.


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