At least I’m not bored…

I’m impressed that I’ve been as functional today as I have been, seeing as I had to get up in the middle of the night cleaning up dog puke. That is not a pleasant wake up…..

Aside from that, I was up and out the door to Stettler for a meeting this morning. I was going over my story with the organizer of a mental health summit that is being hosted fo junior high kids in October, as I’ve been asked to speak at it. As nervous as I am about it, I’m actually looking forward to the opportunity.

After that meeting, I met my editor for lunch, where we caught up on things, and let him know what I’m working on in Castor. It’s was a good meal, and a good chat. We’ve decided to start doing these monthly lunches just as a way to connect face to face. So far I’ve had to go into Stettler for the first couple,e, but we always set it up for when I’m in town anyway. He is trying to get out to Castor though one of these days.

After lunch I grabbed a few groceries and then headed home with a quick detour by the church to look at one of the microphones that the worship team was having problems with. I love it when I can find a simple solution to this kind of problem. The microphone frequency was inadvertently changed. As soon as I reset the the transmitter and the receiver to the same frequency things started working.

After I got home I went into the office and did a couple hours of studying, as well as some graphic design work for a couple projects I’m working on.

I definitely needed the mental health day I took yesterday. It allowed me to recharge enough to get get going again.

I know I’m busy, and I’ve had a few people caution me to slow down. I’m definitely taking the caution under advisement, allowing myself to rest when I need to, but still going hard when I can.

The major difference between being busy now and being busy in the past is, I’m not feeling overwhelmed by it. I’m doing what I need to do, but instead of pushing myself beyond the breaking point, I’m giving myself some breathing room.

About the biggest piss off I have going on right now is with my physical health. Yesterday it felt like something was grinding in my bad shoulder, and today the pain has gone back to pre-cortisone shot levels. I’ve actually been having to take cyclobenzaprine (a muscle relaxant) to help with the pain.

I’m hoping the massage I have scheduled for tomorrow helps. Not that I’ve had much of a chance to workout this week, I’m definitely taking it easy for a few days, and if it’s still bugging me Monday or Tuesday I think I may have to go in and see the doc again. Happy Happy Joy Joy.

Tomorrow should be a light day, with my massage at noon, then working on some of my various projects and school.

At least I’m not bored.


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