This week has gotten busy.

After a fairly quiet day Monday, Tuesday I was in a meeting or writing for most of the day, though I did get the car fixed as well. I now have a functional driver side window again.

Yesterday I covered the store for Lynn while she was at the Alliance Farmers Market and taking a down day. After I finished up at the store, I head out to Fleet for the Adult Learning annual general meeting and executive meeting. I finally made it home by 2030hrs, took Taffy and Rolo for a walk, and headed to bed.

I know I’ve got a lot going on, and it seems to be picking up all the time. For the first time in a long time if feels like I’ handling things pretty well. I’m tired at the end of the day because I’ve put in a solid day. I’m not feeling overwhelmed by things. Yet, Lynn is worried I’m taking on too much, and mom said that yes I’m handling things well, but if I start sliding it generally doesn’t take me very long to full implode. Maybe a couple weeks, give or take.

The fact that I’ve had several comments about my stress load is concerning. It’s making me take a long look at what I’m involved in. That said, I don’t think I’m going to give anything up quite yet, but I am definitely going to tread carefully, and allow myself to take down days when I need to.

Today is a case in point. I had planned to study and write today, however because Rolo was being a bed hog and I had to fight with him for covers last night I did not sleep particularly well. On top of the busy day yesterday I decided to take today as a mental health day. I played some Red Dead Redemption 2, caught up on some sleep, and generally gave myself permission to rest.

Besides, with another board meeting tonight and a meeting in Stettler tomorrow morning I’m going to take advantage of the downtime while I can.


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