Increasing activity

Today has been a hell of a lot more active than recent days.

I finished a couple of articles for the paper, went in for a massage therapy appointment, and got some studying done.

The massage therapy appointment went well, though apparently my workout regime is having some unintended consequences on my shoulder and butt muscle. The fact that I’m developing the muscles is a good thing, however I’m over compensating and as a result my posture has moved out slightly out of alignment, hence the aches I’ve been having. W gave me some stretches to do to get things back into order.

The studies are coming. I’ve carried on past the sentence structure part that was giving me trouble, and have started working on word roots, a topic I’m finding much easier. I’m not going to completely dismiss the part I was having problems with, but I decided that instead of stalling on it I would push on, and continually spend a couple hours a week on the topic instead of driving myself crazy trying to make things click.

Otherwise, it’s been a fairly quiet day today. I took Taffy and Roll for a couple of decent walks, which helped pad my step count, as did cutting the back yard. Depending on how the weather goes that may have been the final cut of the year. Here’s hoping…

Tomorrow is going to be quiet, with church moving back to it’s 11 a.m. time, and lunch afterward. Other than that likely some more time in the text books and maybe a workout, although if the weather is good I may load up and head into the back country again and get some shots. We’ll see how tomorrow goes. I also have another project I need to get a start on, so any way you slice it, I won’t be bored.


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