A bit of good news

Though no where near as hectic as yesterday, today was busy enough.

I had a morning interview, then I met Lynn for lunch. This afternoon was in the textbooks or in the gym.

I did get one bit of good news today. I received my first assignment back from my TA, and while not stellar it was definitely better than I was hoping for. The mark isn’t counted for the first assignment, it’s more a learning assignment so I can see how the marking is done. All told, if it had been for marks I would have gotten 77 per cent.

Considering that it was the first essay I’ve written in over 20 years, I’ll happily take that as a win. It seems a respectable place to start my course.

I forced myself to head downstairs this afternoon, and I am glad I did. Between treadmill and weights I was working out for just over an hour, and I felt so much better afterward. The treadmill portion of the workout ended up coming in just shy of 1.5 miles in 30 minutes, plus the weights.

This evening has been relaxing with Lynn watching the last few episodes of “The Orville” season two. I have to admit, it’s one of the better shows I’ve seen in the last couple seasons. What started off as a spoof of “Star Trek” has definitely turned into a solid comedy mixed with a solid slice of drama. The only thing unfortunate about the show is that the network has sold it to streaming service HULU, which means season three likely won’t be back on network television.

Tomorrow looks to be pretty laid back. I’m going in for a massage therapy appointment at noon, and other than that tomorrow is likely going to be an office day. I have two stories to catch up on, as well as coursework.


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