Busy day

Today was busy.

Seeing as we are still down to one vehicle, I dropped Lynn off at the store around 10, and headed for Stettler for my 11 o’clock appointment with H.

The appointment went well. He gave me some food for thought, and he worked with me on re-framing some of the stress I have been feeling lately. We also talked about how much I was taking on, and whether it was too much. He took me back to the donkey analogy that we talked about at our last meeting.

I left the appointment feeling a lot better than when I went in. Lighter almost. He gave me some suggestions on where to find help with the grammar areas I’m struggling. My TA sent me some as well, and between the two I’m definitely making some headway. Still feeling kind of dumb for not grasping on to the stuff that fast, but it’s why I’m in school in an entry level course, to refresh this stuff.

After my meeting with H I ran a few more errands while I was in Stettler, then came home, cleaned up a bit and then headed to Consort for a meeting on mental health that the local Health Advisory Council had set up. I was not expecting it to be as packed as it was. There was a number of people from Consort in the meeting, and between the state of their hospital, the lack of communication coming from health services, and the lack of mental health services in the region, suffice it to say the Health Advisory Council and the representatives from Health Services met a frosty reception.

They said that they have heard many of these complaints all over the region, and that they have heard us clearly. They said they are working on solutions to the issues, but blamed the fact that these services are absent on the challenge they have recruiting talent to take these rural positions.

To me it sounded like an excuse, but as there is new people in administration and the entire health services sector is under review, it’s tough to say what will happen. I’m hoping that rural Alberta will get loud enough and force the governments hand to fix the issue, while we still have a rural community left.

I didn’t manage to get a lot of studying in today because of the time I was on the road, but I still managed to get an hour in after I got home from Consort.

Tomorrow my plan is to get back into the gym. I know falling off my workout regime is factoring fairly significantly into my mood swings and the overall rough ride I’ve had the last few days. So, that and studying will be the bulk of my day.

As for the question of whether I’m biting off too much, H suggested that I try things, and if they are not a good fit, step back. He figures that going into my hard time of year is the perfect time to expand things as it can provide distraction to help get me through. All I can do is try and see.


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