The old country church

Lynn and I went out into the back country a few days ago, and along our travels we found this old church. The church is called Notre Dam de Savoie, north of Halkirk.

Notre Dame de Savoie Church, north of Halkirk. Kevin J Sabo photo.

Being a sucker for history, I had to stop and take a closer look. The building was old, dating back to the early 1900s. The bell tower was partially collapsed, and the walls were buckling, but it was still standing.

The west wall of the structure is buckled. I’m honestly amazed the structure is still standing. Kevin J Sabo photo.

Being too chicken to actually enter the derelict structure, I looked in from the door and through a window.

View of the front interior of the church from the door. Kevin J Sabo photo.

From the door I was able to see back to what remained of the altar, some low railings still standing, separating it from the seating area.

An old church sits at the back of the church. Kevin J Sabo photo.

From the window, I was able to see into the church towards the door, and I was able to capture the image of this old church pew.

I love the history that these old buildings contain. Who attended this church? What issues were they dealing with in their lives? How did they make their way to this old country church for Sunday service? Were they on horseback? Or did they bring the family via wagon? Or were they lucky enough to have a car? Was their faith strong, or were they bothered by many of the same doubts and hardships that believers today face? Have the people who attended all passed on? Are they buried in the nearby cemetery, or did they scatter into the world?

This well kept cemetery sits in stark contrast to the decrepitness of the old church. Kevin J Sabo photo.

Many in the world today will look at this decrepit old building, and see nothing more. I see a lot more than that though. I see a piece of history that built the foundation of todays society.

Though old and in disrepair, you can almost hear the old-time hymns being sung. You can almost feel the joy of the baptisms and the sadness of the funerals.

Though old and decrepit now, at one time the church was busy and vibrant, and the heart of a vibrant rural community. The old church may be long forgotten by all but a very few, the impact it, and many others like it, had on the region is immeasurable.


3 thoughts on “The old country church

  1. This is a great writeup Kevin. I will try to drive & see the church before winter. I love old buildings also & always wish the walls could talk. If only these great structures had been kept up & not abandoned.


  2. I feel like I just went to this church with you . Thank you for sharing , I can very much relate to your thoughts . Great job putting thoughts into words and I love your pictures too ….again Thanks!


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