Today wasn’t overly busy, but it did have a little bit of everything.

This morning I worked on my assignment for school, then went and took some photos at a barbecue the town was hosting to congratulate our U15 baseball team on their hard-fought win to become Western Canadian Baseball Champions.

After I got back from the event I finished up my essay and submitted it for review. The bright side with this assignment is it is only a complete/incomplete mark. The tutor will mark it as if it is a fully scored paper, and that review will help me figure out what I need to tweak for subsequent assignments. I’m hoping that I’m wrong and that the paper isn’t that bad, but I am bracing myself for a rough review none-the-less.

I just need to remind myself that it’s all part of a learning curve. Aside from some grammar brush up I did last spring, my last formal education with writing was in high school, and that’s been awhile. I know my writing has a solid foundation. I just need to work on the mechanics of writing to get me to the next level.

Outside of school and event, I got some chores done around the house, and even had the opportunity to get some gaming in. I never did end up getting my weight routine in today like I had planned, but I did a couple of decent walks throughout the day so I’m not complaining.

Tomorrow is church, then with any luck getting a start on the next unit of my course. I’m ahead of the curve with my course so far, and I aim to keep it that way. I can’t afford to slack off because I know I’ll lose more than enough time from studying once the fall schedules in town get to full swing.


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