Turning a corner

Today was a busy one.

Up and out by 10 this morning to have lunch with Lynn and take pictures at the Alliance Town Fair and Farmers Market. After the market it was a quick stop home to drop off a couple things, then a trip to Coronation for multiple events.

First up, several members of the Coronation Volunteer Fire Department gave an open demonstration of their rescue tools, tearing apart a couple of vehicles that had been donated to the cause.

After I finished up at the fire department display, I headed over to the Coronation Town Fair to take some pictures. I ended up running into someone I haven’t talked to in quite some time, and we had a good chat to catch-up.

I ran into T on my way out of the fair, and she joined me for a bite and a visit at one of the local diners while I killed some time for the last part of the day to begin.

T and I have had the opportunity to chat before, however I am finding that the more we chat the more common ground I am finding with her. It was definitely a good afternoon.

After our chat, she headed off to meet her boyfriend and I headed over to the Coronation Royal Rum-bull PBR sanctioned bull riding. It was the first time I’d attended the event and it was an absolute blast, even if it ran way longer than anticipated.

Things with my mental health have turned a corner. I’m pushing myself hard, but I am connecting with people. I’m keeping myself busy and doing something that makes a difference in my community around me. All in all, I’m starting to feel normal…

I know I can’t keep up this base indefinitely, but I don’t have to. Friday is currently a blank slate that I’m intending to use to recover a bit, and next week is looking nowhere near as busy as this week, so I’ll take advantage of the items to keep me busy while I can, being wary of over-extending myself.

Tomorrow is looking light, I take the car in for an oil-change at 0830, then I’m doing an interview with someone, lunch with Lynn, then a workout and relaxing in the afternoon.

Thanks for following around on my journey of mental health recovery.


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