A fine line

Well today ended up being busier than expected, although I’m not complaining.

While I was on my way out to the one event I was covering I saw a sign for another event taking place at a local farm, so after I covered the first event I stopped in at the farm and realized it was people I knew hosting the event. The first part of the day was a free farm tour than anyone was allowed to take part in, and the second part, which I did not stay for, was a pay RSVP event.

It turned into a long day covering both of the events, but it was a good day. I’m just glad that aside from church and helping the vacation bible school organizer do a couple things tomorrow is a relatively light day. It will give me a chance to finish off the two pieces and photos from today, and get them submitted.

My moods feel like they are still on the uptick, but I can still feel the grasp of the fatigue. That feeling is being offset by the accomplishments of being out, getting back to work and feeling productive.

I know I still have a delicate balance to maintain. I push myself too hard, things in my brain will break. I don’t push myself enough I’ll have the same issue. I’m walking a fine line.

But, I’m walking it. Instead of falling off of it when I struggle, I’m finding it easier to rest, rebalance and move ahead.

I’m not doing it alone though. I wouldn’t be where I am without the support of many.

Therapists, family, my editor. They have all played a part in getting me to where I am, and I am forever grateful.


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