Road trip…

Yesterday was a long ass day.

We were up and out the door just after eleven as Lynn had an appointment in Red Deer yesterday afternoon. Lynn’s mom and K joined us for the trip as well, and I ended up doing the driving as Lynn’s mom was comfortable navigating around the city.

By the time everything was said and done, we got home around 2000 hrs last night.

Yesterday wasn’t a complete write off though. I did get into the gym for a my first real workout in a couple weeks.

That was rough. Not being on the treadmill regularly for the last couple of weeks has definitely messed up my pacing.

That being said, I’m not far off where I was, and I’m aiming to get back into my three miles five days a week, along with the strength training every other day.

Finding the discipline to get back into the routine will be challenging, but it needs to be done. I know how good I was feeling while I was into the routine before, and it was equally beneficial to my health.

Today looks to be another long day.

After ten days here visiting, it’s time to take K home to Calgary. I was debating o breaking the trip into two days, driving her home today, then coming home tomorrow morning, however I have enough going on tomorrow that I think it would be prudent to do a bounce trip, there and back same day.


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