Clean slate

People have good days and bad days.

For me, yesterday was definitely the later.

Yesterday was a low energy, low mood kind of day.

I’m frustrated. I took the trip to Calgary to rest and recover and try and gain some balance with my mental health. The trip was supposed to recharge and refresh me, instead I have a challenging time getting back into my routine.

I know I struggle at this time of year, so I need to cut myself some slack. I need to remind myself of how far I have come, overcoming many challenges in my path. I need to remind myself that setbacks are part of the illness I deal with.

It’s easy to remind myself of all those things, however it’s hard to do when the illness has me in its grip. I know I’ve battled through worse. I know that I am stronger than I’ve been before.

I also know that yesterday is history. I can’t change it. It’s locked in the past, it’s only reminder a memory. I can’t live in the future either, it is not yet written. I can live in today only.

Regardless of yesterday being a good bay or a bad day, today is a clean slate upon which to make my mark, only in retrospection will I know the type of day is is.


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