All good things…

After a whirlwind four-day and three-night adventure I am home again.

The last few days has been an awesome opportunity to burn off some stress, do some things I normally wouldn’t get the opportunity to do, and get myself rebalanced.

On the final day of my adventures in Calgary K and D and I took in the Telus Spark Science Centre. I hadn’t been to the science centre since it moved from it’s old downtown location several years ago.

The new science centre is very futuristic looking, and has many activities for young children and those young at heart. Outside, the centre hosted a variety of science based activities for kids, and inside were two separate activity centres, one featuring a lot of information about the earth, and in the second activities teaching people about creativity and the human body. There was even a bed of nails to try laying on for those who were brave enough.

The highlight of the day in the centre was the digital theatre where we took a guided tour of the galaxy. Over the 40 minutes which the show ran, we were transported to the stars which make up the various constellations in the night sky, learning about what makes up a star and about the speed of light.

While the centre doesn’t seem to have as many activities or displays as the previous location downtown, it was more spread out and despite the fact that the parking lot was crowded, it never felt overly crowded inside. While the day was an awesome excursion, outside of new show at the digital theatre or special exhibit I can see it being a while before I go back..

After the science centre, we returned to K & D’s place, loaded up, and then K and I hit the road.

Aside from a rain-storm while we entered the city of Red Deer, the drive home was great.

It’s nice to be home, even if the dogs have already been assholes.

I definitely needed the time away, and I’m glad for a couple of quiet days at home before things get busy in the upcoming week.

Thanks for following along,


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