speed bump

Well, the first day of my road-trip did not get started as anticipated.

Lynn and I were attempting to leave the house when Sirius decided to try sneaking out. As a force of habit I attempted to grab him, and missed…

I ended up jamming my ring finger into his collar as he slipped out, resulting in what I’m pretty sure is a sprained finger.

It wasn’t bad at first, but it’s been getting more stif and sore through the day, and needless to say, the drive down to Calgary didn’t help matters much.

As a result of Sirius slipping out I didn’t end up leaving quite when I had planned, but I did have a good drive down none the less.

I ended up spending the day hanging out with some friends I’m staying with, had an awesome supper with them at a nearby restaurant, and just let myself start to unwind.

Today is going to be another light day, heading out to the mall here shortly, then laying low working on a GISH task until I participate in another GISH activity tonight at 1830, followed by visiting some other friends afterwards.

The finger is still stiff and purple this morning, but it doesn’t feel quite a sore as yesterday. Hopefully in another couple days it will start loosening up.

Friday and Saturday are getting to be more busy, doing things outside of the norm, and plans have been adjusted so that I’m returning home Sunday now, with our friend K in tow for a week.

I needed this break.


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