Breaking Away

I’m almost feeling guilty, but I’m breaking away for a few days.

I’m heading down to Calgary to re-connect with some friends and get away and clear my mind. The reason I’m almost feeling guilty is because I’m leaving Lynn at home on her own with the dogs, during GISH no less.

It’s what I need to do though. to get myself re-centered and re-focused.

August is setting up to start strong, with local events happening in town, visitors, our 11th anniversary, and medical appointments in Red Deer. And that’s just in the first two weeks of the month…

Things may settle out again towards the end of August for a bit, before picking up again in September once councils and organizations return to normal operating hours, as well as starting school myself.

I find it hard to believe we are half way through summer already, it feels like the summer just started. Hell, I can’t believe we are past the half-way point of the year. Despite the shit-storm thrown at us in the beginning of the year, this year has flown by so far.

It’s flown by so much so that I’m understanding why I need to get away. The pressure has been steadily creeping up without me realizing it, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to get away before the choice is taken out of my hands.

I will definitely be posting while I’m the road.

Thanks for following along,


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