cutting back on the noise.

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In the world today, we are bombarded by noise.

Social media.



We are bombarded by a non-stop torrent of information from the time we get up to the time we go to bed.

Across the world, the first thing many people do during the day is check Facebook, or wake up to music.

I used to be guilty to both of those things, and most mornings when Lynn isn’t around I will get the tunes going when I get up just to fill in the silence.

I’ve never been a fan of sitting quietly with my thoughts, because my brain has always been active, and loud. I’ve always used noise, be it music or the television to mask the noise in my mind.

What I didn’t realize is how tiring that steady bombardment of information is. I now make it a point to not check my Facebook account when I first get up. If there was anything important enough to know chances are the important people would have called me already.

I have found that not starting g my day with Facebook has led me to be more productive. I’m getting up instead of laying in bed scrolling mindlessly for half an hour. When Lynn is away the first thing I’m doing is making my bed, starting the day on a positive note.

I’ve been working on cutting out my social media use right before bed as well, outside of Youtube. I’ve been finding that since I have started withdrawing into my own world in the morning and the evening, I am getting more done, sleeping better, sleeping more restfully, and am feeling a lot less anxiety and stress.

Let’s face it, we always publish our best self when it comes to social media. It’s noise that we put on our highlight reel, and finding out what someone had fort supper or what screwup the government has made this time is not prime reading right before you go to sleep. It’s pointless, it could cause stress that you can do nothing about at the time, and it can impact your ability to rest. The information will be there in the morning, once you get your day started.

Aside from getting into crap from Lynn about “did you see this” or “did you see that” on Facebook when I haven’t, I’m finding that the less time I spend on it mindlessly scrolling feeds the less time I want to spend on it, hence why I’m not seeing the posts Lynn is asking me about.

Granted, especially considering my work in the media, I can’t totally distance myself from social media. I use it to promote my stories, and a lot of events that I cover I find it because of it. I make social media work for me instead of allowing it to drain me of my valuable time.

Research bears out what I have personally found. A 2016 study in the United States followed 25,000 teenagers and their screen time use, and the findings showed that those who spent more time on screens were twice as likely to be overweight, and not get enough sleep or exercise

I’m not saying cut out social media. It is great for remaining connected with family and friends. Let social media work for you, though, and don’t let yourself be bombarded by useless or stressful information. Instead, let yourself sit in a bit of peace.

I’m finding that as I move away rom the noise, I am craving more quiet time, more time to let my mind rest, away from the noise. I’m also finding that the less I try to drown the noise of my mind with outside noise, the less it tries to compete to be heard.

We have 24 hours in a day, there’s more than enough time to scroll through it when it’s not going to trip us out of the gate starting our day, or before we try to sleep.


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