Busy, busy.

Two pieces of good news for today!

The first is Lynn finally made it to her mom’s last night after her unexpected stay over in Unity, SK, and the second is I got home from the store last night and found the fence done!

Brian and his guys have to come back when the wheels for the big gate come in, but otherwise the work is done!

I celebrated with the critters last night by having all three of them out to run around, no leashes required. At first they were a little confused, but then they became so happy once they realized that they had the run of the yard.

It was cute too, I grabbed a ball to throw around for Rolo, and Sirius got it and started playing keep away. Rolo started doing this cute bark/howl at Sirius because he wasn’t giving up the ball.

The fence definitely isn’t a cheap proposition, but based on the first 24 hours I think it was a good investment.

I have a somewhat busy day today.

I have an interview with the Mental Health Commission of Canada to become a speaker for them, I have a kinesiologist appointment to see about making some modifications to my workout regime, then a trip to Alliance for dog food.

This afternoon I need to clean the house and research an article I am working on for a major infrastructure project that has been proposed for our region.

And of course I need to squeeze in a workout as well.

Just so things aren’t all work, I’m thinking about continuing my watch of the Fast-saga. I started with the first movie last night. As dated as that movie is, it is still a great show. Otherwise, for entertainment, I’ve started playing through Detroit, Become Human, the latest Playstation Plus free game. It’s an interesting concept game so far, and I’m enjoying the little bit I’ve played.

Anyhow, lot’s keeping me busy.


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